This ‘About’ section suggested I say something about where I’m coming from, so here goes: I live in Australia, in one of its major cities. Not that it matters, nor am I the type of guy to make it known to everyone around me, but I also happen to be gay. I figured that I may as well include that one fact about myself since my posts will be discussing gay-related topics pertaining to my life. However, that is not the focus of my page, rather I’m treating this as something of a compendium of my thoughts.

I’m a rational individual who’s trying to make sense of this world (along with my studies) and how I can make the most of my life in it. I like discussing ideas whether philosophical, political or science related. I identify as a gay male. I do not even remotely relate with the mainstream gay ‘community/scene/whatever’, especially their politics, but particularly their morals and values. I have my own moral code and a set of values that are quite different from many other gay men in my generation. I identify as an atheist, yet I’m not one of those ‘military atheist’ types who go out of their way to devalue and destroy religion (mainly Christianity though, since it’s the main one that has taken the brunt of the attack).

I think that it’s important for the Western world to have a proper philosophical and cultural basis; one that is based on reason and rational self-interest. I think that many of the problems the Western world (or the whole world) has today are due to a lack of a proper culture/philosophy and economic system that would encourage such a culture. Having said that, I think that the right economic system is laissez-faire capitalism, but you also need to have the right type of culture too. I also think that the government has no right to interfere in the private lives of its citizens and that the only time such an interference would be warranted is in the event of a persons rights being taken away from them (so murder, theft, and the likes).


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