How much longer until a full assault against free speech?

Assuming the current trend continues in the West (and in some places it’s more than half way there), how much longer do we have until a full assault against free speech?

Observe the anti-tobacco smoking lobby and the success it has achieved these past few decades, where we have come to the point that the government has enacted laws to ban smoking in certain areas – whether private property or not – where  the government initiates force against private companies and individuals all in the name of a “common good”. Notice how you don’t see any cigarette ads (at least not in Australia, but I’m assuming in any other Western state)? Notice how we’re taught that cigarettes are unhealthy for us in school? Notice how the general public doesn’t seem to mind in the least that the government can exert such power and force over an industry?

For the record, I realise the health benefits of not taking up tobacco smoking, however that’s not the point of this post. I realise the health benefits of not consuming rat poison, but I don’t need the government to tell me that. The point of this post is the gradual erosion of our rights and how anything can be justified so long as the ends justify the means when the government is the one wielding the sceptre of coercion.

Today we can see the signs all around us of a society slowly falling into a censorship spiral, but the crowning aspect of it all – due entirely to the efforts of the Left – is political correctness. The prime goal of this horrifying notion is to stifle any future thought and thus opinion. People are conditioned to give a second thought to something that they want to say, to assess what the consequences might be if they ruffle the feathers of some group, or person, and so to avoid any potential conflict, the thought is suppressed. Someone oblivious to the notion of political correctness will go ahead and honestly say what they want to, but there is always someone standing guard to put them in their place; lest they dare give voice to any future thoughts.

Recently in Australia there was a case involving a Conservative journalist by the name of Andrew Bolt. He wrote a series of articles in which he legitimately questions why a growing number of Australians whose ancestry is predominantly European (and thus their physical features resembling this background) are identifying as ‘Aboriginal’ or ‘Indigenous Australian’. He mentions a number of prominent people who have attained some sort of political footing, or other prominent positions usually granted by some level of government. Andrew Bolt rightly questioned their true intentions; whether their identification as Aboriginal was for  reasons other than having a sense of an ‘identity’.

Keep in mind that a lot of these people had quite diverse backgrounds, where one woman was raised by an English mother, yet her father was of a Afghan and Aboriginal background. He rightly posed the question whether such people selectively choose a specific ancestry for career or political gain. As it turned out, 9 individuals identifying as Aboriginal (in spite of their completely white complexion) were “hurt, humiliated and offended” (The Age), so they decided to sue Andrew Bolt since he apparently violated some “Racial Discrimination Act”.

What they were after was “…an apology, legal costs, and a gag on republishing the articles and blogs or anything else with substantially similar content, as well as ”other relief as the court deems fit”. They are not seeking damages.” (The Age). Eventually they won. I was following the case at the time and I still cannot quite put into words the disgust and anger I feel as to what transpired in this country. I won’t even touch the “Racial Discrimination Act” since it ought to be obvious to anyone who supports individual rights as to why such a law is immoral. But the fact that these people sought to silence another individual because of what he SAID, now that is just unforgivable and something so revolting that it really angers me to know that some people would go to such extents.

Now take a look at the anti-gun lobby and the recent strides it has made in the US. Obama is no doubt doing some serious thinking whilst he reads children’s letters and, along with the media, continues to appeal to the emotions of the general public. How long until the right to bear arms is either severely limited, or outright scrapped? It’s just another check-box for the Left, and one they’re closing in on. If they succeed in their anti-gun campaign, then free speech won’t be too far off; it will be at this point that I would say “The End” to the Western world.


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3 responses to “How much longer until a full assault against free speech?

  • Rattlesnake

    I have a different perspective on smoking than you. I’ve been thinking about writing a post on that, so I might do that soon.

    As for leftists infringing on freedom of speech, it’s happening in Canada as well (with “hate speech” laws). I’ve been thinking about writing a letter to the local member of Parliament to voice my disgust over this and request that the Conservatives do something about it while they have a majority (I’m not a resident of this riding, but the MP for the riding I am officially a resident of is NDP, so he would be no help). I doubt that would do anything, but I suppose there is a chance that it might.

    Death threats or revealing sensitive information regarding national defense are about the only speech that should be limited, and it is obvious why in both cases (i.e. that doing so represents infringements on other people’s rights). No other limitation on speech that I can think of has any sort of logical basis.

  • engineerdude

    I wrote an email to my local member several months ago regarding some proposed law that would essentially see free speech monitored to a greater extent than it already is, wondering what her position was but she never replied.

  • SS

    people just need to stop lying, thats all, to logical?

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