Monthly Archives: December 2012

What Obama is counting on

Aside from the ignorance that the general public  exhibits, Obama is counting on the producers – who create wealth – to continue to make the money that he denounces as being “too much”, so that he can fund his outrageous programs. He is counting on, or rather hoping, that other wealth creators will come onto the stage so he can have more people to vilify and hence ensure the cycle continues for future generations. He, and many others like him, need a fresh new stock of scapegoats that they can rally the public against in the name of a “common good” where all will be brought down to a common denominator.

The likes of Obama need future generations of producers to want to do what’s best for their lives, to make money, to create wealth, to create something out of nothing so that a snivelling mediocrity such as Obama can then make a claim on their mind, to denounce their productiveness as an evil, selfish thing so that they can then justify even further extortion. An Obama-type person needs the approval of the wider public so they can artificially elevate their self-esteem, so they can have the illusion of confidence whilst denouncing those who do have genuine confidence and self-esteem – traits that could only be obtained by exercising ones mind to produce wealth in whatever field of endeavour.

The person who thinks that they have a right to make a claim on another persons mind is at the very core of their being a primitive savage. The only difference between a stone age savage and a 21st century savage, is that the former exerts physical force, whilst the latter does it from a distance in a cowardly manner through such mediums as directives, bromides and other cheap intellectual stunts.

What the Obama-type of person is not counting on though, is the gradual decline of those producers who are expected to carry a nation on their shoulders. The culture of dependency – encouraged by Obamanites- will go on to stifle any potential producers whom otherwise would have carried this planet into the next century. When the sense of life in a nation is entirely uprooted, the likes of Obama will have nobody to count on, nobody to vilify, to blame for their own mistakes; the only thing they can count on then is how quickly they will die.

Ayn Rand identified the course of the US decades ago:

Politically, the goal of today’s dominant trend is statism. Philosophically, the goal is the obliteration of reason; psychologically, it is the erosion of ambition.

We are living in a time where complete statism is within view, the obliteration of reason is being wrapped up, and worst of all the erosion of ambition is in full force and unashamedly advocated for. Obama is the climax of decades of left-wing ideology and just as he is speeding along towards his socialist utopia, the American people will end up being the victims when he crashes into the immovable wall that is reality.