The decline of the Western world

I was going to make this specifically about the US, but since the downfall of the US will mean the final nail in the coffin of the West, I figured I would make it more broad since it concerns every Western nation.

Like it or not, the Western world is in a state of decline. The civilisation that has made this world possible, that re-discovered reason for a brief transitional period, that made everything that we know possible, from medicine, to technology, to transportation, to space flight, that brought the rest of the world out of the dark ages, is declining.

It has been declining for the past hundred years or so, but in philosophical and cultural terms. This century we see the final nail being nailed in with the economy coming into the arena, where politicians in power, whilst trying to rectify the mistakes of the past by making the problem worse, continue to shorten the leash they have on citizens. The philosophy of altruism has been the reigning doctrine in the West for quite some time now, coupled with the general irrationalism that has permeated just about every facet of life, where successive governments, academics, intellectuals, authors and others, have in one form or another, implemented a policy, made a speech, or wrote a book based on either of these two notions. The altruism is all too visible around us, that is to anyone who is willing to look and think, and the irrationalism is spread out even more in its countless, grotesque forms. Any nation or civilisation cannot sustain such a philosophically and culturally decayed environment for much longer before the economy is effected; and that is what we are witnessing today.

The final sign of a civilisation in decline is the rampant nihilism that takes hold and eventually takes away all and any meaning towards life. This sense of nihilism has existed for quite some time, but the only thing holding it back were the producers – the men and women willing to think and create something out of nothing – they were the buffer, it was on their shoulders that this world was carried on into the next century. Today however, we are witnessing the gradual decline of those producers, where such people who have the courage and vision to move this world are becoming too few and instead being replaced with those who cannot think for themselves, those who have no courage nor vision. Apply this to an entire nation and you have an entire people living for nothing, where the sense of life that once existed is long forgotten and all that remains are monuments – whether skyscrapers, movies or books – to what was once possible and everyone wonders how it all came to be.

The US is the Western worlds only hope, it is the keystone for our civilisation since it is the only nation that knows what that sense of life is, and it is the only nation that, in varying forms, champions individualism. These two notions have been slowly eroded in the past several decades, but to no significant extent; however today we are witnessing an acceleration in that effort to completely remove any sense of life or individualism by such people as those who sit around in Washington D.C gloating and sneering at anyone who dares counter them. The likes of Obama and co are the type of people who subvert the individualism in the culture of a nation by reminding everyone that their achievements are not all that great since it was not them alone that made it happen, rather first and foremost the government, then anyone else who can make a claim on your mind. In essence, our achievements are that of a collective effort made possible by the government. Such an evil notion as negating your own achievements cannot be taken seriously by anyone who has self-esteem, but it is celebrated by anyone who has none, by anyone who does not know what it is to be an individual.

The economies of the West are what is at stake now, where the US and Western Europe teeter on the brink of total economic collapse. This is the end result of decades of altruistic policies – no matter from which side of the political spectrum since both are to blame – and this is the end result of a civilisation with no proper leadership, philosophically and intellectually. We might ‘just get by’, but without any proper reform of our economic systems – meaning laissez-faire capitalism as the system – we will continue to ‘get by’ until one day we find that there is nothing to get by with and we are at the mercy of someone else.

There are a number of explanations to the decline and fall of the Roman empire. One interesting theory that I came across some time ago was that the rise of Christianity coincided with the decline and fall, so I wonder what future historians – assuming the West does fall – will attest the decline and fall of Western civilisation to? There are two options: if the current trend in academia continues, then capitalism will be to blame, otherwise the socialist, collectivist, altruistic philosophies and economic policies of the 20th and 21st centuries will be rightfully blamed.

We have been at a crossroads for a very long time now and I am not one who believes in historical determinism, that every civilisation ‘must’ fall – or that it will eventually – rather I believe in the possibility of reversing the current trend that the West is in, in saving this civilisation from a bleak future because it doesn’t have to be this way. The solution is in ideas, but the right, or rational, ideas. The West needs a major wake up call to reality, it needs the right type of ideas to permeate its schools, newspapers, books, politicians, and once this happens, the Western world will be back on the track that it strayed from long ago.


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2 responses to “The decline of the Western world

  • Rattlesnake

    Excellent. There is an opportunity to save Western civilization, but it is running out. As much as I think it will run out in the next 4 years, I’m not going to lose my hope that it can be saved.

  • engineerdude

    If ever the US is ravaged by some foreign power or the country descends into complete statism, then I’d say that either of those two outcomes are when I’d lose all hope for a future.

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