Some thoughts on the Petraeus scandal

No doubt everyone has heard about this debacle and now other men are involved too. What I found ‘funny’ was thinking about all those religious zealots who go about campaigning against same-sex marriage in the name of “family values”, as if to suggest that heterosexual couples are the only ones who can exhibit these values. Now to be ‘fair’, heterosexual men/women are far more common amongst such positions, so such things are more likely to happen amongst them, statistically speaking. It’s not that I’m saying homosexuals are incapable of such immoral acts, just that it’s pointless to go about seeking government intervention in the lives of others because you claim to represent the sexual orientation of your gender and claim to know what’s best for society.


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2 responses to “Some thoughts on the Petraeus scandal

  • Rattlesnake

    I would argue that having both a mother and a father present is the ideal situation, but reality is far from ideal and it is probably better to have two fathers or two mothers than to keep moving around to different foster homes. Sure, a lot of gay people shouldn’t be anywhere near children, but that doesn’t mean all gay people are that way.

    What really annoys me about these self-righteous “family values” people is that the basis for their morality is subjective. It isn’t derived from an objective premise, it is dictated by a book that people arbitrarily decide to believe in (that is, they believe in it without any evidence that what it preaches is true. What is it that makes Christianity the correct religion and not Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, or any other religion?). If people want to choose to live their lives by the Christain faith, I have absolutely no problem with that and I am sure they are, in general, better people than me. But I don’t believe in it, so I shouldn’t be subjected to morals that are based on it.

  • engineerdude

    I agree in that a mother and father is the ideal situation for a child, however not necessary. At least that way they get the best of both worlds.

    Unfortunately, subjectivism is the style of our times, and has been since early civilisation, with some rare interludes of reason/objectivity.

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