Another rant on the “gay community”

Out of all the irrationality that comes out of the “gay community”, what annoys me the most is their near automatic, default adopting of anything remotely left-wing for the sole reason that this branch of politics is for “gay rights”. What also annoys me is their lobbying the government to exert force onto its citizens, and only for issues that affect them.

They are heavily involved in anti-discrimination laws and anti-bullying laws, and whilst I can understand the motive (since discrimination and bullying does exist), doing it through force is not the solution. For example, last year in the UK, a Christian couple operating a small hotel (part of which was their actual home) turned away two gay men and it made news when the two men sued and won:

The Bulls were sued over their married-only policy on double beds. They were ordered to pay each of the victims £1,800 in compensation for the ‘hurt and embarrassment they suffered’.

I was outraged at the time to see such a gross violation of property rights, but that term no longer exists in the UK, a country that has produced great thinkers advocating property rights. The only way I can describe the gay couple are as “cry babies”. You can read about it all here.

So in essence, these type of homosexuals go around literally demanding that others accept them, yet when it comes to the others, well it’s a different story. Their basic premise is that it’s ok to use force to achieve your end.

There’s an Australian ad that advocates for anti-bullying of homosexuals. I actually thought it was some joke when I first saw it because it was rather funny, however the end is the best with the police officer talking to a lesbian saying “there are laws to protect you”. But of course, people need laws to protect them against WORDS.

Another example: there’s a show here called “Insight” and it’s basically a discussion show where some controversial topic is chosen, and a host of people from the general public, academics, doctors, whoever can contribute, are selected to discuss the issue. Last year it was something gay-related, and there were two high school girls in their last year, from a private school (Catholic or Anglican, I forgot). They made a huge issue out of the fact that their school prohibited them from going to the formal (prom) together since they were lesbians. They participated in some rally holding signs “our school is homophobic” and it ended up getting some media coverage.

Nobody was even questioning the right the private school had, rather it was all about how the school could accomodate for them, or rather, be forced into accepting their decision to attend the formal as partners. I think it was the principal or some religious representative from the school that was on the show, and he explained very clearly that the school is based on a religion whose scripture does not allow for such relationships. The mediator who conducts the show asked the two girls whether they understood that position, that they basically have a right to deny them their request, yet the response from the two girls was typical trash that most teenagers spout: “Yeah but what about us, what about our feelings, why can’t they accept us?” and then some random middle-aged woman suddenly made a scathing attack against the principal in what was your typical emotional plea. I don’t know what the outcome was nor did I care to find out since it didn’t matter; those two girls will go on to add to the vast and rich pool that is feminazism.

What’s even more pathetic is that so many gay men who ascribe to this philosophy of force look at someone like me in complete bewilderment because I don’t support their campaigns, because I’m against anti-discrimination laws, or any laws that use force against others (speaking in the context of “gay rights”). They see it as some ‘natural’ way of thinking, as something so normal, that it’s ok to exert force onto others. That’s the most disturbing, irrational notion to come out of the mainstream “gay community”, but what’s even more disturbing is that they fail to identify it for what it is.


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2 responses to “Another rant on the “gay community”

  • Rattlesnake

    I’m glad to see you are blogging again.

    A datum that supports your thesis is the “Gay Community’s” support of Palestine. I would consider that far more “self-hating” than being a gay conservative, but that is only because radical Muslims kill gays while they actually have rights in Israel. I guess that isn’t a big deal, since they are Muslims which are loved by the left for some reason (I’m guessing it is just a reflexive response to conservatives being opposed to radical Islam and their support for Israel).

    I loathe the concept of “gay rights” because the only rights that exist are natural rights. Unfortunately, the self-centeredness, immaturity, emotionalism and anti-intellectualism in the “gay community” seems to prevent most gay people from having any concept of what that means.

  • engineerdude

    Yes, another of their irrational points..I’d like to see them go into the Palestinian territories and see how they’ll be treated if they made their sexuality known (which wouldn’t be hard for some of them), compared to Israel.

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